A site-by-site guide to trees in the Kruger National Park

R 275.00

"I wonder what tree that is?" - if this thought has ever occurred to you in the Kruger National Park, this book is intended for you. Virtually no visitor to the Kruger National Park has not, at some point, become a nature enthusiast once the Big Five hunger has been stilled.

This book is about trees, but has been compiled around places in the Kruger National Park. It describes 51 species of trees in rest camps, picnic sites and bird hides as static objects. When you arrive in a rest camp, at a picnic site or bird hide, the book will draw your attention to a remarkable or interesting tree. The small map at the top left of each title page indicates in which part of the Kruger Park the tree is – the southern, central or northern region.

It is only when you have come to see and appreciate the magnificence of the veld, that you wish you knew more about the trees encountered along the way... This book is a glorious travelling companion that introduces you to the characteristics of specific trees. It accompanies you on your journey from stopping place to picnic place to rest camp.

More than 220 beautiful photographs in full colour, user-friendly descriptions of 51 tree species and special anecdotes provide the reader with interesting general knowledge as well as an insight into the history of the Park.

Author: Marissa Greeff
ISBN: 978-1-920217-69-3
Extent: 192 pages
Format: 210 x 210 mm
Soft cover, full colour throughout, more than 220 colour photographs

Also in Afrikaans: Bome van plek tot plek in die Nasionale Krugerwildtuin