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In Celebrate with Lorna Maseko - celebrity chef, business-woman, TV personality and ballerina - invites us on a whirlwind culinary journey. From Alexandra, where Lorna's love of simple home cooking originated, she whisks us to all corners of the globe, sharing her world of food and cultures: from burger and chips at the Prix de Lausanne ballet competition in Switzerland, to Asian flavours in Hong Kong and spicy traditional fare in Mexico.
Lorna's food memories offer readers a tantalising glimpse into her extraordinary imagination and creative energy. In Celebrate we find dishes ranging from fish to steak, fried chicken, salmon and duck. Lorna's out-of-the-box approach mixes the tried and tested with freshness. Her trademark tweaking of traditional home cooking reveals the flair that made Lorna Maseko one of South Africa's favourite foodies.

Author: Lorna Maseko
ISBN: 9780798177344
Date Released: September 2019
Format: Soft cover, 192pp