Grow your own

R 370.00

Want to learn how to grow your own vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and spices in your garden? Grow your own, by JJ van Rensburg and Tinus Oberholzer, contains all the necessary information you would need to be more independent!

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Grow your own is a comprehensive guide providing practical guidelines that will teach you how to fully utilise your garden (large or small) by means of alternative as well as traditional growing methods. The recommendations aren’t limited to the more ordinary plants, either. Grow any variation of vegetables, fruit, nuts or even herbs and spices. This guide is logically presented to discuss the respective plants along with brief, but thorough, guidelines detailing requirements for soil preparation, propagation, cultivation, harvest and storage. Enjoy additional tips about cultivating in containers, choosing the most suitable plants for different spaces, deterring pests, companion planting, and combatting diseases and other problems. A handy summary about each plant offers a quick reference with nifty textboxes that highlight other interesting facts about the plant species concerned, to gain some bonus insights.

Authors: JJ van Rensburg & Tinus Oberholzer
ISBN: 9781920217976 (English)
Extent: 256 pages
Format: 210 x 240 mm
Soft cover, full colour throughout, over 300 full colour photographs and sketches

Also available in Afrikaans